Testing Bootstrap 4 on Yii2

Bootstrap 4 Yii2

For a Yii2 project I had taken up recently, we decided to go with bootstrap 4 although it was still in alpha development stage. Because, we reasoned, by the time the project was completed and released, Bootstrap 4 would have hit stable and we would find ourselves with an outdated library even before the release. In this post, I will take a look at how you can test your app using the latest bootstrap version. Yii2 Bootstrap Library Yii2 includes a crore bootstrap extension called yii2-bootstrap which can be found here: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap. This is currently providing Bootstrap 3 and is at version …

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Bootstrap 4 Features – A Quick Primer

Bootstrap 4

Update Jan 22, 2016: This article was updated after the Boostrap 4 alpha 6 was released with quite a few changes including turning on flexbox by default. The Bootstrap 4 CSS Framework is expected to be out very soon. I thought I might write a brief primer about the new features and functionalities that are introduced in the upcoming version of Bootstrap. Bootstrap 4 development was in it’s alpha 5 stage as I was writing this. The developers are hopeful of an initial beta release after alpha 6. I hope to keep this post updated as the development moves along. Bootstrap CSS Framework Originally released …

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